We appreciate your curiosity and questions! If we have missed anything, please contact us.

We are a small local family business, we live in Juneau year round and we care about how you experience your day with us.  We are dedicated to working directly with customers ahead of time in meeting your needs or answering questions about absolutely anything!  Our boat was custom built specifically based on customer feedback over the years so that we could provide maximum comfort with a vessel constructed for Alaskan weather and waters. We hope you appreciate the Trip Advisor reviews as a testament of our dedication to giving you your best day in Juneau!

A taxi will pick you up at or near your cruise ship/ hotel. We have the dock assignments and port times for your cruise ship.  Once you book a tour with us, we will send you a detailed confirmation of pick up/ transportation information.

Yes! Our most frequently asked question.  The “head” is located on the main deck with a marine toilet.  It’s easy and comfortable to use.

We suggest layers of clothing as the weather in Juneau can vary or change quickly.  A fleece jacket along with a rain jacket is ideal or any waterproof clothing.  Hats and gloves can be helpful.  Comfortable shoes such as sneakers are perfect (flip flops are not favorable for boats in Alaska).  Please pack any medication for your needs or that is required.  We also have Vortex binoculars to use on board as well as a charging station for cell phones. Most importantly bring your excitement and biggest smile!! 

We provide bottled water and granola bars.  If you want to bring your own soda or sandwiches or additional snacks we have cooler space that you are welcome to use.  Beer/ wine/ seltzer drinks are allowed, however no hard alcohol is permitted on the boat.

Absolutely! We know in advance what your arrival and departure times are and we will make sure you are back at your ship well before your “all aboard.”

We are notified early of any ship delays and will do what we can to reshuffle our schedule or wait for you. If your ship is significantly delayed and we can not readjust your tour time, or we are unable to wait we will issue you a full refund.  This is a rare occurrence. 

Yes, we will give you a full refund if you don’t see a whale! 

We abide by the requirements of the Marine Mammal Protection Act while viewing the whales so we will get no closer than 100 yards to the whales. However they are so big that they will seem very close!

Juneau is located in the largest temperate rainforest in North America and that means we get rain, lots of it! Our annual rain fall is 62 inches and we get about 220 days of rain per year. Local’s do everything in the rain…this means boating, camping, hiking, fishing, or kayaking.  They do not “wait” for the rain to stop to go outside.  So definitely pack a rain jacket, bring your smile and enjoy the liquid sunshine!

We very rarely cancel our tours due to exceptionally bad weather and sea conditions, but it does happen occasionally. If Captain Alan deems it unsafe to bring you out for the tour we will cancel and issue you a full refund. We want you to enjoy your whale watch not endure it!

No.  We are regulated federally regardless of Alaska laws.