Join Captain Alan for salmon fishing and/or halibut fishing in Juneau Alaska! See our Juneau fishing calendar and read about the local fish below.

Species May June July August September
Silver Salmon
King Salmon
Pink Salmon
Rock Fish

Pacific salmon are anadromous fish, meaning their life cycle includes time in both fresh and salt water. When you are fishing for salmon on the Narwhal you will be targeting adult Pacific salmon in the saltwater. The salmon we catch are on their way back to their natal creeks to spawn. These fish are in optimal health and are full of vim and vigor. You’ll have a heck of a good fight to get one in the boat and you’ll earn every filet you bring home.

There are five species of pacific salmon and they are all found in the waters around Juneau. The “runs” are staggered throughout the summer, therefore the time of month you plan to fish will dictate what salmon species you will likely encounter.

Please remember there are state and federal regulations set in place to regulate the size and quantity of salmon and halibut we can retain. This is to protect the resource for future generations. These regulations are subject to change, if you have any questions about them please feel free to ask Captain Alan.

Adult Chinook (AKA The King Salmon)

The Chinook, the largest Pacific salmon species reaching 90lbs, is everyone’s dream catch. Though wild King salmon runs have declined, we target hatchery-raised kings in specific areas, ensuring no impact on the wild run. After mid-June, we pursue feeder Kings—immature salmon in coastal waters around Juneau. We keep feeders exceeding a certain length (in accordance with Alaska Fish and Game laws), releasing smaller ones to grow. Just like mature Kings, feeders provide a thrilling fight!

Pink Salmon. (AKA The Humpy)

Pinks are without doubt the most numerous salmon in our waters. They are very bitey, hitting lures with abandon. They are great fighters for their size and provide a huge amount of sport on the deck! Pink salmon are the most abundant of all salmon species harvested in Alaska. They are especially good smoked and often used in pasta’s, soups or salmon burgers. Pinks typically arrive in late June.

Chum Salmon (AKA Dog Salmon)

Chums are the “Rodney Dangerfield” of the Pacific salmon, they “get no respect.” But they certainly deserve an angler’s respect! Chums are the second largest species of salmon. They are hard fighters, make tough runs and will bulldog it out beneath the boat testing the skill and strength of even the most seasoned angler. Their flesh smokes up beautifully and they taste much milder than their cousins. Chums arrive in late June/ early July.

Coho Salmon (AKA “Silvers”)

Cohos are a favorite with locals and visitors alike. Unlike Chums and Kings who fight deep, Cohos are acrobatic surface fighters who will run and jump at breakneck speeds. Fighting and landing an energetic coho is the stuff tall fishing tales are made of and their power is enough to test novice or experienced anglers! Not only are they great fighters but they freeze well and taste amazing. Cohos arrive in July and you can catch them into September.

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye salmon are a huge part of the commercial fishery but do not appear very often in our fish box. The reason for this is they feed on microscopic plankton, so they aren’t interested in eating big lures or herring when they see them behind the boat. Occasionally, one will hit a lure, if that happens embrace your good luck! 


Halibut are deep sea dwelling flat fish. We target them below 200ft so bring your “strong arm” for reeling! They are ferocious fighters but it’s worth the battle to get them onboard! These are limited to one per person along with size limits so ask us for clarification. Halibut fishing is especially fun because everyone is engaged as it is very “hands on” because you are “jigging” with the rod. Anyone who has never been fishing loves this experience. Halibut freezes well, and tastes great no matter how its prepared ( in pan, on the BBQ,, in tacos, battered, etc). We target Halibut from June through mid August when they are most plentiful but that does not mean they aren’t around otherwise.

Processing your catch:

At the end of the trip Captain Alan and Tanja will have the fish cleaned and ready to go to the processor. We recommend using JC Processing, owned by a local Juneau couple, Jared and Cassandra Markovich. They do such an outstanding job that we even take our own personal catch to them! JC Processing will pick up your fish from us at the dock, then fillet, freeze and ship it directly to your home. Alternatively if you are staying in Juneau and flying home, another option is for JC to process and pack your fish for you to take as checked luggage. Processing fees are NOT included in your charter. You will pay the processor directly for processing and shipping. These are calculated based on weight and shipping distance. We have the appropriate forms needed on the boat to set this all up making it fast and easy.