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Embark on an exhilarating journey into the heart of salmon fishing in Juneau, Alaska.

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Get the Local Salmon Fishing Experience

Alaska is “the last frontier”, a wondrous place where nature is in its purest form. It is also home to the best quality salmon in the United States. Whether you are an avid fisherman looking for a new challenge or are here for a visit and looking for a unique experience, Adventures in Alaska can take you on a guided excursion to help you create lasting memories.

Captain Alan Will Show You the Way!

Captain Alan’s passion revolves around fishing, both as a profession and as a pastime. Beyond captaining the boat, he actively participates in the fishing process with all guests. He will be there to coach you through the entire experience and help you land the fish of a lifetime! Alongside him, his wife Tanja is also on the deck, assisting you, your family, or friends. They work together to ensure a fun day filled with high energy and memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Salmon Charter Options

At Adventures in Alaska, we offer three different types of salmon fishing charters. These include a 4, 6, and 8-hour fishing trip in Juneau. We can help you pick the right duration based on your group size, experience, itinerary, and budget.

All our salmon fishing trips are private! You will not be mixed in with a group of strangers, so you can truly enjoy your time with your family and friends. When a salmon hits the lure and peels off line, it’ll be you reeling it up! We’ll be there to provide assistance and guide as you fight the fish. And remember we cater to all skill levels, whether you are a salty fisherman or an absolute novice.

If you are also interested in fishing for halibut, we offer a combination salmon and halibut charter. The combination tours are either 6 or 8 hours.

Salmon Fishing Timeline

It’s important you plan for your salmon fishing trip! It takes about 30 minutes to get to our dock from downtown Juneau. This time is not included in the 4, 6, and 8-hour tour times. Please plan accordingly to ensure you are at the dock at your scheduled departure time. We can help arrange taxi transportation if needed.

Your group will also get to enjoy taking in the scenic views of the natural Alaska landscape as we travel to the fishing grounds. It’s a quick trip that usually takes around 30-40 minutes. Captain Alan has several go-to fishing spots depending on the weather and current. While en route, we’ll point out different areas and let you in on some fun things about the great state of Alaska!

What’s Included in Our Salmon Fishing Charters

  • High-quality Shimano fishing gear.
  • Cleaning of all caught salmon right at the dock upon return.

We work with a local process who can fillet, vacuum pack and freeze your fish to ship them home. Additional charges will apply based on the weight and shipping distance. Our local recommendation is JC Processing, which is owned by our friends Jared and Cassandra Markovic. We even use them to process our own personal catches during the season. They will come to the dock to pick up your fish and then fillet, freeze, and ship directly to your home. There is also the option of having your catch packed to take home as checked baggage.

About the Boat

Our boat, The Narwhal, is a 2020 aluminum 29 North River Sea-Hawk “S” Series. It is compliant with all mandated requirements by the US Coast Guard and has GPS navigation, VHF radio, and sonar equipment for fish and depth finding. It also has some added perks like indoor padded bench seating for up to 6 passengers, a warm cabin, sliding viewing windows to take in the beautiful scenery, outdoor weatherproof flip bench seating, a bathroom, and a charging station for phones (please bring your own plug). All fishing gear is provided by Shimano, and we also have Vortex-brand binoculars for any sightseeing opportunities.

Be Sure to Get Your Fishing License Before the Trip

Alaska requires a fishing license to go out on these types of charters. The good news is that you can get one-day licenses! Our tour fee does not include the price of a license. A one-day fishing license is $25. There is an additional fee of $15 for a one-day King Salmon stamp. If you are booking your trip in June, you’ll need to get the King Salmon stamp, since we’ll be fishing for King salmon. The King Salmon stamp is optional for the rest of the summer, as we are targeting different species of salmon.

If, by chance, you catch a keeper-size salmon, but you do not have the King Salmon stamp, you will not be able to keep it.

Please purchase your one-day licenses through the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s website. We highly recommend you do this prior to arriving to save time and get your trip going so you can make the most of your time. Please double-check the date of your license, as those fees are non-refundable.

Types of Salmon We Fish For

Alaska is home to several different types of salmon. June is the best month of the year for fishing, but there are other types of salmon available in other parts of the year. Let’s go over the types that we will be targeting on our charters.

Chinook (King) Salmon

The King salmon is the largest and most powerful of the Pacific salmon, known for its impressive size and strength. King salmon can reach up to 90 lbs and is everyone’s “dream catch.” Wild King Salmon runs have declined, but we are able to target hatchery-raised kings in specific fishing areas. This is a more sustainable practice and doesn’t affect the natural runs in any way. King Salmon are deep fighters, meaning all the action takes place underneath the surface. Keep in mind you will need an additional stamp on your license to keep any of your catch. These salmon are fishable from June through September.

Coho Salmon

Coho salmon are known for their thrilling acrobatic displays and tastiness, making them a favorite among anglers. They will run and jump at breakneck speeds, and are an exciting catch. Cohos freeze well and taste amazing! These salmon are around from July through September.

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye salmon are known more in the commercial fishery circuit and are recognized for their deep red hue and flavorful meat. They are known to eat microscopic plankton, meaning they don’t often go for larger fishing lures or herring dropped behind the boat. Occasionally we do hook them though!

Pink Salmon

Otherwise known as “The Humpy,” pin salmon are the most abundant in Juneau waters. They are small but mighty, known for their fight despite their smaller size. These salmon are best when smoked and are often used in pastas, soups, and salmon burgers. They arrive in late June and can be fished through September.

Chum Salmon

Chum salmon, also referred to as dog salmon, are the second largest species of salmon locally. They are tough fish and are known to make runs beneath the boat. This tests the strength and skill of even more experienced anglers. They have a milder taste than other salmon species and also taste delicious when smoked. Chums begin to show up in late June and early July.

Our Juneau Salmon Fishing Process

Step One: Book Your Tour

Contact us to check our availability and book your group tour. We will find a time slot that works and remind you of everything you need to handle prior to your arrival. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions.

Step Two: Secure Licensing

Please obtain your one-day fishing license prior to arrival to ensure we can start on time. Remember to print it out prior to arrival. If you don’t have a fishing license, you can’t fish!

Step Three: The Fishing Excursion

We will leave on time and get to your fishing spot as fast as we can so you have the most time available. We want to maximize our time on the water fishing not riding around on the boat!

Step Four: Cleaning and Processing

Once we head back with all your fresh catch, we will clean and arrange for the optional processing should you choose to take your catch home. We can certainly make some recommendations on recipes for what to do with your catch based on size and type.

Create Lasting Memories With Our Juneau Salmon Fishing Experience

Try something new and exciting with a salmon fishing experience from Adventures in Alaska. We look forward to hosting your group and promise to deliver an experience that will last a lifetime. Contact us today or book online.

Salmon Fishing in Alaska FAQs

What Should I Wear?

We recommend wearing layers of clothing. Weather in Juneau can change suddenly and it is better to have layers to take off versus not having any additional layers if you are cold. Rain or fleece jackets are good for staying dry and we also recommend wearing hats and gloves. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring sunscreen and sunglasses on brighter days.

Do You Provide any Drinks or Snacks?

Water, soda, and a dry snack will be provided on all trips.

What Happens if My Cruise Ship is Delayed?

Occasionally cruise ships are delayed and we can work with you to get you out on the water fishing. We are notified early of any ship delays and will do everything we can to accommodate the delay. Remember to contact captain Alan if your ship is delayed!

Are There Any Other Types of Wildlife We Might See?

Yes! You will have an opportunity to see some wonderful Alaskan wildlife, including Steller Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Bald Eagles, Dall’s Porpoises, Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, Black Bears, or Brown Bears. We have binoculars on board to ensure you get a great view!

What Happens if the Water is Too Rough?

While it is rare to cancel tours due to weather or poor sea conditions, it is possible. In this event, we will issue a full refund. Our goal is for you to enjoy your experience not endure it!

Is Alcohol Permitted on the Boat?

Only beer, wine, and champagne. No hard alcohol is allowed on the boat. If anyone in your party becomes too inebriated, we will need to return to the dock for liability reasons immediately – and no refund will be issued. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to bring alcohol so we can provide extra ice for your beverages.

Can I Add a Tip on My Credit Card?

Yes, you can! However, cash tips are appreciated.