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Ready to make the most of your Alaskan adventure? Contact Adventures in Alaska to talk with Captain Alan about scheduling your halibut tour in Juneau. Adventures in Alaska provides a family-oriented tour with personalized service from booking to when you and your family are walking away from the boat after a fantastic day of halibut fishing.

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Fish for Halibut Like a Local Alaskan

Alaska’s pristine coastal waters provide an ideal habitat for halibut. With its diverse marine ecosystems, Alaska provides an ideal habitat for halibut, drawing anglers from around the world to its rich fishing grounds.

Alaska’s cold nutrient-rich coastal waters have an abundance of halibut, so there will be plenty for you and your family to fish for with Captain Alan. Imagine yourself on the boat, fishing for halibut surrounded by snow-capped mountains and mighty glaciers. With Adventures in Alaska, you can share this with your friends and family. Captain Alan can show you some wonderful fishing spots and point out the scenery to your group.

Meet Your Alaska Halibut Fishing Captain

Captain Alan is passionate about halibut fishing and has years of experience. He’s your go-to guide for a fun day of fishing! Whether you or your kids are novice anglers or fishing experts, Captain Alan provides guidance suited to your experience levels.

His wife Tanja helps on the deck, taking photos of your adventures and assisting with coaching as you battle your halibut up from the depths. Alan and Tanja work together to ensure you have a fun and successful day of fishing. With them, trust that you are getting a halibut fishing experience guided by true locals.

Our Halibut Fishing Charter Options

Adventures in Alaska has multiple halibut fishing charters available depending on your scheduling preferences. We offer 4, 6, and 8-hour fishing tours for your group. We recommend 4-hour tours for groups only interested in fishing for halibut. Our 6 and 8-hour tours combine halibut and salmon fishing.

We offer private tours for your group. We will not merge your group with strangers. It will just be your group onboard. Our mission is to provide a unique and fun halibut fishing experience for YOU! If you are unsure about which tour to take, Captain Alan can help you book your dream trip based on your itinerary, budget, group size, and fishing experience.

We offer encouragement and coaching as you fight your halibut up from the depths, but you are going to be the one reeling up the fish from 300 ft down. It’s all YOU! Our experience means you don’t need any. You just have to keep reeling while Captain Alan and the rest of your group encourage you each step of the way.

Ask about combining trips! Captain Alan can help put together a combined halibut and salmon fishing trip for an unforgettable day on the water.

Halibut Fishing Timeline 

For anglers eager to broaden their fishing horizons, we present the option of a combined salmon and halibut fishing charter. This adventure typically spans 6-8 hours, involving visits to multiple locations for a varied catch.

Prior planning is important for your halibut fishing expedition! The 4, 6, and 8-hour time frames exclude the 30-minute taxi transportation to and from our dock. To ensure a seamless experience, please arrange your schedule accordingly, arriving promptly at the dock for your scheduled departure time. Should you require assistance, we are more than happy to help organize taxi transportation.

The fishing grounds are about 30-40 minutes from the harbor, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy the stunning scenery. Captain Alan guides you along the way, pointing out notable areas and sharing interesting tidbits about the remarkable state of Alaska.

What’s Included in Our Halibut Fishing Charters

  • High-quality Shimano fishing gear
  • Cleaning of all caught halibut when you arrive back at the dock

As an optional add-on, we can help with freezing and shipping your halibut to your doorstep or bringing it back as luggage

We use JC Processing for our local halibut processing. JC Processing is owned by a local couple who do a fantastic and professional job. We use them to process our own halibut and salmon catches. JC Processing comes right to our dock upon arrival and can pick up your cleaned halibut, freeze it for transportation, and set it up for either ground or air transportation based on your needs.

Come on Board the Narwhal

Please join us on our incredible Alaska charter boat experience! Our vessel, the Narwhall, is a 2020 aluminum 29/ North River Sea-Hawl “S” Series and is compliant with all regulatory guidelines mandated by the Coast Guard.

Please view the below breakdown for all the features for our great halibut, salmon, and whale watching boat:

Navigation and Equipment

  • GPS navigation for precise location tracking
  • VHF radio for communication
  • Sonar equipment for fish and depth finding

Comfort and Amenities

  • Indoor padded bench seating accommodating up to 6 passengers
  • Heated cabin for comfort in varying weather conditions
  • Sliding viewing windows to enjoy the scenic beauty
  • Outdoor weatherproof flip bench seating for an open-air experience
  • Onboard bathroom facilities
  • Charging station for phones (please bring your own plug)

Fishing Gear

  • Shimano fishing gear

Sightseeing Equipment

  • Vortex-brand binoculars for enhanced sightseeing opportunities

Do I Need a License to Fish Halibut in Alaska?

Yes, you need an Alaskan fishing license to fish for halibut.

Your fishing license covers salmon too! So why not do a 6 or 8-hour combination tour and maximize your time in Juneau?

What is Halibut Fishing Like?

Alaska’s vast and pristine coastline provides a remarkable habitat for halibut, making it an ideal destination for those seeking the thrill of reeling in these flatfish. A guided charter through Adventures in Alaska not only offers access to prime fishing grounds but also the expertise of a seasoned captain who navigates the Alaskan waters with finesse.

Our tours provide a seamless and well-planned excursion, ensuring that participants make the most of their time on the water. Knowledgeable captains, like Captain Alan, bring a wealth of experience and insight into the halibut’s behavior, guiding anglers to optimal fishing spots and showing fishing techniques. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned angler, you’ll have a fun time halibut fishing with us.

Once you set sail, Captain Alan shares insights about the region, adding an educational and engaging aspect to the halibut excursion. The journey is not just about the catch; it’s an immersive experience that connects participants with the beauty of Alaska. Whether you choose a half-day or full-day charter, the thrill of the catch, coupled with the breathtaking scenery and professional guidance, makes halibut fishing in Alaska through our guided halibut tours an adventure to remember.

Know Your Catch

We find halibut in about 300ft of water. They are strong, aggressive fish and they put up a fight! It will be a fun battle to get one to the boat.

The halibut fishing technique involves “jigging” with the rod, which is fun for both seasoned anglers and those new to the fishing scene.

Once you catch the delicious fish, there are many different options for preparing halibut dishes. Halibut freezes well and can be prepared in multiple ways. These include seared, pan-grilled, and more in either tacos, bowls, sandwiches, or more. Halibut can be fried, grilled, blackened, or prepared in any way you want with different seasonings.

The fish is normally targeted in June through the rest of the summer. This is when they are most plentiful and there are more opportunities for your group to haul them in.

Our Juneau Halibut Fishing Process

Step One: Contact Us

The first thing to do is contact Captain Alan at 907-209-8227 or to schedule your halibut tour. He can answer any questions you have and find a departure time that suits your schedule, etc.

Step Two: Show Up at the Dock

We run a tight halibut-fishing trip! Adventures in Alaska hosts many different fishing and whale-watching trips, so we ask you to please show up before your designated departure time to ensure proper scheduling.

Step Three: Fishing for Halibut

Captain Alan will guide you to the perfect halibut fishing spots. Arrive on time so you have the most time available at your designated fishing location. We will guide each member of your party through fishing so they can all catch some delicious local halibut.

Step Four: Take Your Catch Home

We’ll take your group home with all your halibut haul! Simply fill in the processing form to ship your catch home. JC Processing will come to the dock and pick up your catch after we clean it. From there, they can pack it for you to ship home or take on the plane.

Create Lasting Memories With Our Juneau Salmon Fishing Experience

Try something new and exciting with a salmon fishing experience from Adventures in Alaska. We look forward to hosting your group and promise to deliver an experience that will last a lifetime. Contact us today or book online.

Contact us at 907-209-8227 or email:

Halibut Juneau Fishing FAQs

What Is the Recommended Attire?

It is best that you wear attire suited for both cold and wet climates. This includes multiple layers of clothing, beanies, gloves, and an outerwear jacket like a windbreaker or rain jacket. Remember – it is easier to take layers off than put on layers that aren’t there!

Are There Any Drinks or Snacks Provided?

You can bring any refreshments you would like. We provide water, soda, and a dry snack. Please contact us if you are trying to bring alcohol on your halibut fishing experience.

What Happens If We’re Running Late?

Please be on time for your fishing trip, as a late departure could impact your time on the water and time fishing! While we will always attempt to add extra time if you arrive late, sometimes that is not possible. So, please be on time!

Is Smoking Allowed on the Boat?

No! There is no smoking allowed on the boat during any point of the halibut fishing trip.

Can I Tip the Captain?

Tips are greatly appreciated. You can either tip via credit card or leave a cash tip.

Is Alcohol Allowed on the Trip?

Yes. You are allowed to bring alcohol. However, it is limited to only beer, wine, and champagne. There is no liquor allowed on the boat at any point. Please let us know if you would like to bring alcohol so we can have ice on board for your drinks.

Also, please keep in mind that we reserve the right to bring the charter back to the dock if anyone in your party becomes too inebriated. There is no refund issued in this case.