We offer many options for Fishing in Juneau Alaska. Private charter fishing for couples, multi-day fishing, and special events…


Just the two of you…

When it comes to spending quality time together nothing beats ditching the crowds and departing on a private fishing and/ or whale watching tour with somebody special. Many couples love this “dream date” option as a way to spend time alone that can be action packed or serenely calm. Either way, it’s wonderful to see the joy shared together while out on the water.


If you are visiting Juneau for more than one day, consider adding additional days or even an extra half-day. This obviously increases your chances and can allow you time for focusing on one species (salmon or halibut) each day. We’ve also had families book one full day out together, followed by another half day with part of the family. Any range of multiple day trips on the water are going to give you a different experiences especially depending on when you are visiting. Furthermore, we will always “break” to whale watch if you desire (or have family/ friends who want to mix up the time spent fishing). It’s always your trip…your way! As you are planning your trip to Juneau, keep in mind that we offer “incentives” for two, three or four full-day bookings. Often we get people out who have an amazing day, then want to book again while in town, but we can’t always accommodate as we book quite full way in advance.


Whether you are celebrating a family or friend’s birthday, anniversary, marking a special event in your life or memorializing a loved one, we can cater to your needs. We have decorated the boat cabin with balloons and got cup cakes for birthday parties. There are some folks who want specific “Alaskan snacks” (salmon spread, reindeer sausage, bull kelp salsa with chips, etc) that we can arrange. Our cooler can be stocked with ice for any champagne or beer you wish to bring on board. If there is a memorial we can arrange a bluetooth speaker for music. Use your imagination or brain storm with us for ideas! Call for more information and we can personalize a whale watching or fishing trip just for you.