It’s mid December and the pandemic is raging. But there is light at the end of tunnel. The vaccine is rolling out across the nation and across the world. So, while we do have months ahead of wearing masks and social distancing, it is worth thinking about what you want to do when all this ends. I have a suggestion and it’s a shameless self promotion.

Book a fishing charter or whale watching charter with me! Let’s explore the waters of the Inside Passage together for a real Alaska adventure!  If like me, you’re sick and tired of staring at the four walls inside your house, instead imagine stepping onto a boat, grabbing a pair of binoculars or a fishing rod for an exciting day out.  This could be the ultimate revival…to invest in yourself and your well being in the New Year, after the ball of stress that was 2020.

As you are reading this, go ahead and see yourself in Alaska sitting on a boat, looking at a glacier that has carved its way through the snow covered mountain peaks down to a lush coastal rainforest. You can hear the whoosh of air as the slate grey back of humpback whale surfaces and exhales, sending a plume of water droplets 20ft into the air. Perhaps you’ve got a halibut rod in your hand and you feel the tap, tap, tap of a halibut nibbling at your bait hundreds of feet below the surface. Maybe you are watching that whale as the salmon rod we’re trolling springs to life and the deckhand shouts “Fish On!!”. You scramble to grab the rod, caught in the immediate thrill of a whale nearby and your line zinging!

Just writing that description gets me fired up to get out whale watching and fishing! Hopefully it got you thinking about the vacation you’d like take next summer. Nothing happens dreaming about it from your couch!  Take action and let’s discuss making your dreams come true! Give me a call at 907-209-8227 or email me  I’ve got loads of time to chat about Juneau, Alaska and what you can expect visiting my community.  I would also love to get you on my schedule so we’ll both have something to look forward to next summer!!