When is the whale season in Juneau?

One of the questions I get asked most often is “What is the best time to see whales in Alaska?” or “When is peak whale watching in Alaska?” These are great questions because lets face it, going through all the hassle of traveling up to Juneau and discovering the whales are in Hawaii would be disappointing to say the least. So, here’s the short answer.

The Best time for whales in Alaska:

The whales start arriving back from their migration to Hawaii in May and most of them depart for Hawaii in September. This coincides with the best weather in Juneau, so it is the best time to visit Juneau too! Every day is different and unpredictable as far as how many whales we will see or what they will be doing. There is no particular time that they are “more active.” The whales are simply living in their natural habitat focused on feeding. We aim to enjoy their presence and educate you on their behaviors. So anytime during the summer months is the best time for whale watching, and going on a private whale watching tour in Juneau is a smart way to beat the crowds giving you space with time to savor the beauty around you.

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