Things to do in Juneau in August

August in Juneau: Summer is waning and the weather is changing. Our temperatures range from 50F to 63F. On average we get about 17 days of rain in August. As always my best advice is to pack your rain gear. We live in the heart of the Tongass National Rain Forest and we expect to get wet but this does not alter our outdoor adventure plans. The average amount of daylight in August has started to decrease but we still have over 14 hours of light. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy an adventure in Juneau during the month of August.

1) Fishing: The pink run is waning but coho salmon run are building in August. August is arguably the best month to book a salmon charter in Juneau. With the peak being the last two weeks of August. There are still halibut around, so booking a deep sea fishing trip or combo with salmon is a good idea. We can accommodate your family or friends to incorporate whale watching if you wish to do this too. Click Here for Information on Fishing in Juneau.

2) Whale Watching: The humpback whales are still feeding. August also provides the possibility of seeing the humpback whales bubble net feeding. A pod of up to 15 humpback whales will gather and chase herring, driving them to the surface and gulping them up. It is mind blowing sight to see! But it does take luck, these are wild free swimming mammals on their own schedule. As with all the other months seeing a pod of killer whales could happen in August…you never know. We are also seeing stellar sea lions, harbor seals and loads of eagles! Click Here for Information on Whale Watching in Juneau.

3) The Mendenhall Glacier: The glacier beautiful and provides options for hiking along with possibly seeing black bears. Hiking to Nugget falls or East glacier trail will get you into the wild without having to go too far off the beaten path (say on the trail!). The sockeye run in Steep Creek is in full swing and the black bears are fishing. This is a great time for wildlife viewing!

4) Mount Roberts Tramway: Located in downtown Juneau, the mount Roberts Tramway is a fun way to get up the mountain without having to hike. In August, you’ll be able to follow the marked paved trail from the visitor’s center up to the Cross. Here you’ll see a magnificent view of the surrounding area.

5) Hiking is fantastic in August. The long days allow for plenty of time to explore the area around Juneau. Locals favorite hikes include Perseverance Trail (gentle-ish with an incline at the beginning), Basin Road up to Mount Roberts (moderate), and the Mount Juneau Trail (difficult). Bring water, snacks, appropriate clothes and never ever go off the trail. Bring a bear bell and make noise as you hike so you don’t surprise any black bears!

Check out our fishing page for more info HERE and you can visit Alaska Department of fish and game website HERE and click HERE for our whale watching page