Things to do in Juneau in June

June in Juneau means Summer has arrived. Well, southeast Alaskan Summer! We experience a temperature range of 45F to 61F. On average we get about 15 days of rain in June, so once again bring your raincoat! Juneau is located in the heart of the Tongass National Rain Forest and we expect to get wet, but thins does not slow us down from any activity outdoors! The average amount of daylight in June is over 18 hours. The days are long but action packed. You can defiantly take advantage of the light but doing more.

1) Fishing: The king salmon run starts in early June and runs until July, with the best fishing being more towards the end of June. These fish are big, fast and powerful. Expect a tussle if you manage to hook one!

2) Whale Watching: They started to arrive in May and as June progresses more and more whales are retuning from Hawaii. They are hungry and are feeding on salmon smolt on the surface and herring down deep. It’s a great time to watch humpback whales feeding. Killer whales pass by Juneau occasionally and the stellar sea lions, along with harbor seals are sighted regularly. Eagles are everywhere and we tire of sighting these majestic birds.

3) The Mendenhall Glacier: The plant growth starts in earnest during June. Perhaps you’ll see a black bear climbing up a tree to eat buds or grazing on grass. The Mendenhall glacier and the surrounding area are a beautiful National Park to wile away a couple of hours. The east glacier trail is especially nice this time of year. Nugget Falls is a great option for almost all fitness levels as the walk is flat the entire way.

4) Mount Roberts Tramway: Located in downtown Juneau, the mount Roberts Tramway is the easiest (and most scenic!) way to get up the mountain without having to hike. In June, you’ll be able to follow the marked paved trail from the visitor’s center up to the Cross. Here you’ll see a magnificent view of the surrounding area.

5) Drive out to the Shrine of St. Therese. This chapel is located “out the road” about 40 minutes away from downtown. The views of the Chilkat mountain range are jaw dropping as you gaze across the waters of the Inside Passage. A very peaceful place to visit and particularly special to many locals.

Check out our fishing page for more info HERE and you can visit Alaska Department of fish and game website HERE and click HERE for our whale watching page