Things to do in Juneau in May.

May in Alaska is Spring. The snow is finally melting and things are beginning to warm up a little. The average temperature range in Juneau in May is 42F to 56F with about 15 days of rain. So definitely bring your rain gear! Remember we live in the heart of the Tongass National Rain Forest so we do anything and everything regardless of the rain! As a year round local, here is what I would recommend doing in the month of May:

1) Whale Watching: During the winter months most of the whales migrate out of the Juneau area down to Hawaii to breed and give birth. The whales in Juneau are a must see. They begin to return in May, so booking a private whale watching tour is a great option. We can see humpback whales, killer whales, seals, sea lions and eagles this time of year.

2) Visit the Mendenhall Glacier: As with any other month the Mendenhall glacier is a beautiful way to spend a couple of hours. The lake has got icebergs and you can often see mountain goats and other wildlife at this time of year on the mountain sides. A short hike to Nugget Falls is worth while too.

3) State Museum: The Alaska State Museum is definitely worth a visit while you are in Juneau in May. The museum has exhibits and events each month, plus it boasts numerous collections of Russian colonial artifacts, historical and modern American artifacts and of course a large collection of Native Alaskan pieces. Highlighting the culture of Inuit, Eskimo, Athabaskan, Tlingit and Haida peoples to name a few. This is also a superb way to learn about the Alaska Native culture particularly in Southeast

4) Mount Roberts Tramway: Located in downtown Juneau, the mount Roberts Tramway is an easy (and scenic!) way to get up the mountain without having to hike. During early May you will likely see plenty of snow up at the top and the views are spectacular. Just remember if the fog is so thick you can’t see the top of the mountain from the tram station at the bottom, it’s likely you won’t see a view if you go up.

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