Family Fishing with Kids.

Breaking the kids away from TV, social media, iPhones, video games, and the instant gratification they offer isn’t easy! However kids are hardwired to love fishing. It’s something to do with fighting the fish, being outdoors and finally touching something that, until a moment ago, was an unseen mystery tugging on the end of the line. Whatever the reason there are very few kids who can resist the fun involved in fishing. The best part is it is immensely educational as well. It’s an opportunity for them to intimately experience nature, the environment along with hands-on skills. In the midst of all the fun and chaos you get to see them engage with not just the fishing process, but they often learn something about themselves too. You’ll notice your child shift from “ew, I don’t want to touch the fish”…to…“I’ll touch it, but I don’t want to hold it”…to being elbow deep in fish guts learning about their biology. We want your kids to be comfortable, and because we are out for a few hours it gives them time to adjust to all the new information coming at them while immersing themselves into the middle of it all at their pace.

Why taking kids fishing is great:

Having a child emotionally invested in fighting a fish and then suddenly losing it is a relatively consequence free way of teaching her or him to cope with disappointment. We are accustom to this situation and adept in responding accordingly with loads of positive “good try” cheerleading. Conversley, landing a fish boosts their confidence and their pride (especially if they’ve lost one or two prior to that). Spending a day on the water on our boat will bring your the family together in new unexpected ways. We hear a lot of feedback from parents on how much their kids gained from a trip out with us but more importantly how the memories were the best from their and Juneau family vacation!

Check out our Family Fishing page for more info HERE and you can visit Alaska Department of fish and game website HERE