How long are fishing charters in Alaska?

If you are planning to go fishing in Juneau a question we are often asked is, “how long are fishing charters in Alaska?” You’ll see some companies offering full day, half day and quarter day charters. At Adventures in Alaska we take the guess work out of your decision and offer our charters as 8 hour, 6 hour and 4 hour charter options. These can be for salmon fishing, halibut fishing or a combo of both. When you book a 4 hour charter, you can decide on the day if you want to pursue salmon or halibut. Captain Alan will be happy to tell you if one bite has been hotter than the other recently. We also offer multi-day charters. If you book a multi-day 6 hr or 8 hr charter with us we will add extra time to each day, so you can maximize your fishing opportunities.

When you are booking your Alaska salmon fishing charter or halibut deep sea charter my advice is to spend as much time as you can on the boat. Some days fishing are fast and other days it takes the entire time to connect with a fish. We can’t predict this. Even in the thick of a run. We position ourselves where the fish are, with gear that works, and it’s still “fishing.” Maximizing time when fishing is smart and offers you a much more relaxed day on the water. And remember, since we only run private tours, you can take bring non fishing friends and family along to go for whale watching or just enjoy the beauty. It’s your fishing trip on your schedule!

Check out our fishing page for more info HERE and you can visit Alaska Department of fish and game website HERE