What is the best way to experience fishing in Juneau, Alaska?

When you are sitting at home dreaming of Alaska fishing charters, does the question of the best way to experience fishing in Juneau, Alaska probably pops into your head? Should you book a Juneau halibut fishing charter or go salmon fishing in Juneau? The answer is simple. Do both on the same day! We offer 6 hour and 8 hour tours that combine deep sea fishing for Alaska halibut along with salmon fishing. It is the perfect way to experience the best fishing in Juneau.

Private fishing Charters:

We only run private fishing tours, so we are on your schedule in terms of how much time you want to dedicate to each. This can be determined once we are out on the water and we will certainly give you advice but it’s your decision. Whether you want to go halibut fishing, salmon fishing or take a break and go whale watching we can do all of it. The nice thing about taking your family or friends on an affordable private fishing charter with us, is that you will not watch strangers reeling up the fish! We provide all the top gear and cater to all experience levels. So if you are looking for fun things to do in Juneau, Alaska book a day fishing with us. You’ll love seeing Juneau from another perspective and the value for up to 6 passengers is optimum time spent!

Check out our fishing page for more info HERE and you can visit Alaska Department of fish and game website HERE