If you are asking the question “Does Juneau have good fishing?” then you are off to a good start. Juneau, Alaska has great fishing. In fact our fishing is world class for both Salmon and halibut. Travel times to the fishing grounds on the boat are short and opportunity at fish is high. It’s the perfect place to book a fishing charter.
There are five species of pacific salmon. They are chum, coho, pink, sockeye and king salmon. The time of year you book your fishing charter will dictate which species of salmon are around Click Here to see what fish are around each month in the summer. July offers the rare opportunity to potentially catch all FIVE species in one day, if you’re lucky! Booking a charter with Captain Alan and Adventures in Alaska is a great way to get out on a boat and troll for salmon. Even if you are have never fished before, he’ll coach you through the entire process. Which definitely will increase your chances of landing a fish! If you are an experienced angler, you’ll love our top quality gear which makes fishing way more fun.
Juneau, also has great halibut fishing. The halibut return to our coastal waters around mid June and stay until mid September. Fishing for halibut is very different from fishing for salmon. We are deep sea fishing for halibut in depths of up to 400ft! If you dream of fighting a halibut up from the depths, then this is the charter for you! Adventures in Alaska and Captain Alan takes up to 6 people out to fish for halibut. Four people fish at a time, to prevent tangles. So you can spend more time fishing. 
Click Here for information on booking a fishing charter in Juneau. Call Captain Alan on 907-209-8227 or email: adventuresin@gmail.com to find out more! Don’t forget to check out the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website for more information about fishing in Juneau!