Where can I fish in Juneau Alaska? Is a question we get from people all the time! Planning a fishing trip in Alaska can be overwhelming especially if you are looking for the best way to experience fishing in Juneau. Which species do you want to target? When should you go? What if your partner or family members don’t want to fish but you do? We can make getting the full Alaskan fishing experience really easy.

We offer private 4, 6, and 8 hour salmon and halibut charters. Which means it will just be you and your family or friends onboard. You won’t have to watch strangers reeling up your fish. And more importantly, we can be on your agenda. We also offer multi-day trips for people staying in town. This is a great option because fishing is fishing. And we all know that the fishing can be dead one day and red hot the next. Doing a multiday trip means that you are double or tripling you chances of connecting with the fish. And besides, who doesn’t love being on the boat for a couple of days?

Perhaps your spouse or kids are not into fishing but would love to whale watch. No problem! Since we only run private tours we’re on your agenda! We can do some fishing, take a break to see the whales and explore. Even when we are fishing we could see humpback whales, killer whales, sea lions, eagles and glaciers. The coastal waters around Juneau are very scenic and among the most beautiful in the world. Southeast Alaska is a photographers and fisherman’s paradise!

If you are asking where can I fish in Juneau Alaska? The answer is with Captain Alan and Adventures in Alaska. Book a private charter! Choose your own Adventures in Alaska and we’ll make it happen! Check out our fishing page for more info HERE and you can visit Alaska Department of fish and game website HERE